Book 1: Page 4, Para 2

The Robot: Why are you smiling Kalsh?
I: Well winners usually are happy after their triumph (Ha….).
The Robot: Winners of course. But you aren’t a winner. You lost the bet.

I stood up from my cozy bed staring at this mirror of a person.
Kalsh: What do you mean? I won fair and square. I scored the winning.
The Robot: Yes you did. (with a vicious smile on his face) But let me be clear, our bet was that you will make the penalty and you didn’t. So I Aakrisht Pandey have won the bet.

There and then it occurred to me that the words in a wager are of utmost importance. He had not played with the words, but the words themselves played with me. As I sunk into the stiff bed of the dorm I realized that I had to do what no boy in the whole of Dehradoon would agree to. In that bag the Robot brought with him not my new jersey but something I would never ever dream of wearing in my life.

The Terminator: So what now? Are you scared?


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