BOOK1: Page 7

Now it is time for a very important character in our story to be introduced. She played a very small role in our journey, but nevertheless it was indeed a character building role. Upon entering the auditorium I found myself at the back of a very long queue, the likes of which were only found outside the local mosque on Friday afternoons. But this queue was not barbaric or starving but feminine and sweet smelling. All these girls were eager to give their audition for various parts in the ballet. So one by one in a very urbane manner each girl walked up to the stage. Every presentation consisted of a dance performance and a recital, followed by some comments from an elderly woman sitting in the front row. She had two tall slender girls sitting with her, one on either side. One of them was reading names from what appeared to be a bottomless pile of application forms while the other was playing music from her laptop. Every act was followed by a minute of consultation. Whenever the trio would huddle to discuss the fate of an artist there would be absolute pin drop silence. Even the nervous breaths of the girl who occupied the centrestage were audible. No cheering; No clapping until the trio announced their opinion.


And your point is...

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