Book1: Page 8

I decided to sit and watch the proceedings for sometime before making an entry (my favourite part). So there I was in the last row, trying to understand what the woman wanted and what mistakes were being made by the contestants. Suddenly she announced lunch and got up. This was my first complete view of the woman who was going to judge me sooner or later.
I chose the title of a Lady because she carried herself with a grace which I had never seen before. She wasn’t tall but made all around her look insignificant. Her coat didn’t flutter when she walked. The skirt ending just below the knee didn’t give her legs the freedom of movement enjoyed by the school girls of Welham, yet she was swifter than any girl a quarter of her age. Penguins are amazing creatures. They appear to be the most royally dressed by Mother Nature. Her sophistication forced me to call her Lady Penguin. The last name didn’t occur to me instantly, but even that story will unfold eventually.


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