Book Review: An Audience With Lama by Abhilash

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book reviewI love to read books written by new authors, because somewhere in my heart I also want to get published one day. So, whenever I get any offer for reviewing books by new authors, for ‘not-making-the-headlines-in-the-PR-world’ books, I always say yes. That is why I signed up for the book giveaway on Goodreads.

The visual appeal of the cover of the book An Audience with Lama by Abhilash acts as a great motivator for a person to pick up the book and start reading. The title of the book might mislead people into believing that this book is a spiritual discourse on Buddhism or Nirvana. It is not. And that is why the appeal of the book increases manifold.

An Audience With Lama is a fictional account of a group of adventurers who are stranded in the Leh cloudburst. This is their story of survival against all odds through perilous…

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