Lady Penguin converted one of the empty rooms on the top floor into my green room because the official green room was an overcrowded raucous of sweet smelling girls. Moreover the colour on the walls was not “Green”. Unfortunately I had to go to the common make-up room.

I made quick work of my school uniform and took out form the bag my most prized possession- The Dress. It was pure white, the brightest shade ever. It had a matte finish, no beads no bands just plain white. The tights were quiet tight and I knew when I looked in the mirror that this suit was God sent. It was cold even inside the school but I did not cover-up. The chill of self importance accentuated my goose-pimpled body. So in a bid to be admired I marched towards the common room for make-up. My only refuge from the December chill was the school blazer which I took off with élan as I shut the door behind me.

To my surprise this common room was not exactly common. I saw twenty young girls, aged ten to seventeen in that room, in various stage of undress. Apart from the familiar faces there were sisters, mothers and cousins helping with the make-up and costumes. The uninhibited exhibition of female anatomy had a hitherto unknown affect on me. This was too much for my eyes although these girls seemed to neither notice my gaze nor my dress. It was not the right time to make a hero’s entrance so I came out. In fact I rushed to vomit what I had just seen and halted only when I reached the room next to the staircase. This was the last room leading to the stage. The only furniture was a huge mirror. And I stood there admiring my reflection.


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