BOOK1: Page 21, Para 3

My eyes opened after what appeared to be centuries of bliss. I was not the lone occupant of that furniture less room anymore. There were twenty three odd faces- all girls- and all staring at me. Their necks were tilted at a very comfortable angle and their eyes were focused in the most unimagined manner. I realized that it was not just my belly that had responded to the nose. The sheer cloth of my lovely dress did little to conceal my modesty. Here I was in a room surrounded by the elite members of the far better sex, and I did not have my coat to cover up. There was no nose, no hand and no reflection, only an excitement that had erected through my tights. In Dehradoon, the winter is bitterly cold due to the surrounding hills, yet my palms were full of sweat. My ears were burning red, (no pink!) They contrasted with my face which had turned pale. I could have never imagined that the stage show would turn out to be a source of mammoth mortification.


And your point is...

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