Book 1: Page 25, Para 3

Sahib got his dad’s brand new Gypsy. This off-road version of the more popular production car needed a test drive. We were all fairly underage but Akshay’s big brother was more than willing to drive us around. Everything was planned weeks in advance so as soon as Keshav joined us, without wasting any time we hit the road.

raid de himalaya
We had not even reached the highway and our school chatter-patter had already worn down Akshay’s brother. Naturally being the eldest in our group he had more responsibility and less time to enjoy himself. But he fiddled with the cassette player every now and then to keep himself occupied. We had spent 10 academic years in the foothills of Missouri so the scenery had little to thrill us. Instead it took each one of us half the trip to find something to kill time. Even I was ready to take a quick nap when suddenly the car halted. Akshay’s elder brother got out of the car and bid us farewell. There was another car waiting for him across the road. As unbelievable as it may have seemed but my dear friends had indeed earned us our very first solo road trip. Sahib jumped to the driver’s seat and Akshay climbed out the window to unfurl our school flag as we raced to the top of the mountain.


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