Book 1: Page 26

Sahib: What did you think Kalsh? Wouldn’t I drive my own gypsy?

Kalsh: I… don’t… (I wasn’t allowed to complete)

Keshav: Wait till I give you a real stunner. We aren’t going to Missouri either.

Kalsh: Then? (I felt like a fool)

Keshav: Guys should I tell him? (He waited for the approval of the remaining four eye balls)

Sahib: Oh definitely. Who knows he might want to back out?

Kalsh: “BACK OUT!!” excuse me gentlemen. You are talking to the one and only “Kalsh Abhilash Sharma”. I am the single most daring “Man” in our school, actually in all the schools of Dehradoon. No matter what you say or do to intimidate me, I will be the first one to say yes and the last one to retreat.

Akshay: See Kalsh I will tell you. (And he moved closer to me.)

Kalsh: Come on. Give it your best shot.

Akshay: This is going to be a real off road thing, which means at the next diversion we are going to take a hidden road that will take us deep inside the forest!!! (He paused to see my expressions change)

Sahib: Don’t make a big deal out of it. I have got us booked in a deluxe tent just thirteen kilometres off the main Dehradoon-Missouri highway.


And your point is...

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