Book 1: Page 29, Para 2

He took out a coin from his wallet and tossed it. It was heads and both of them looked disappointed. I felt so dumb. Everyone except me knew what was going on. It was useless to ask them so I looked elsewhere and a very amusing sight awaited me. Akshay was talking to a tree. He was making all sorts of awkward gestures and faces. It looked as if he was rehearsing his lines in a green room. After a while Akshay finally turned around. He had not noticed that I was observing him all this while. As he walked towards the tent, Keshav and Sahib got up.

Sahib: Hey! I need to go to the bathroom. Please guys someone come with me. I can’t go their all alone.

Keshav: Yes sure I will accompany you.

And they left. Akshay looked at me and he knew just as well as I did that this was the moment of truth.


And your point is...

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