Book 1: Page 30, Para 1

It occurred to me then, as they ran off half giggling and half jiggling, that they had given me some moments of solitude with Akshay. He crept over to my side of the tent.

Akshay: We need to talk.

Kalsh: Yes, I knew you were going to say something. You are quiet predictable.

Akshay: But what I am going to say is not predictable. In fact it’s unthinkable. I actually want your consent for a major decision of my life.

Kalsh: Of course. You are my best friend. I will help you.

Akshay:  Let’s take a walk. Please not here.

Kalsh: Now, what is wrong? Please get over with it already.

And I turned my face towards him. I heard footsteps approaching the tent. Keshav and Sahib were unusually quiet. Akshay got up and fastened his shoes. He peeked out of the tent. There was only Keshav. Sahib had actually gone to attend the call of nature. So Akshay got out of the tent stretched a little and…then dropped the bombshell, “MAY I DATE YOUR SISTER” and he ran off with the agility of a puma.


And your point is...

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