Book 1: Page 4, Para 1

I was the happiest boy in the dormitory. Some dreams take time to materialize, in fact the bet was just a bonus. Prior to this incident I had never won a bet against him. In the fifteen years of our existence, we were neighbors for ten, enemies for three and friends for two and I had never won a wager. Be it something as mundane as ‘who completes the homework first’ or as extreme as skinny dipping in a tourist waterfall. It was always the Robot who won. But it had been my lucky day and it would be definitely my night. So I waited in the dorm because we didn’t get a chance to talk after the match. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by the victory or just plain truth that he would not complete his side of the bet. In any case we would be sharing the same room.
All of a sudden fifteen broad jawed men marched into the room. I knew each one of them but most of them do not require a mention in this tale of two gentlemen. I saw leading the troop was a familiar face. He was carrying a bag. I knew it was my big prize for scoring the penalty. It was his part of the wager to get me a jersey, Chicago Bulls jersey. But this was no ordinary piece of clothing. It had been personally autographed by Jordan, the legend himself. It was his most prized possession and now it would be mine.

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