Book 1: Page 38

The protracted journey of the jeep had come to an end. I knew my best friend Akshay had fought a bear to rescue me. Surviving the night with all the bleeding and unattended wounds on the contours of my rib cage was a subject of petite discussion. More confident than ever on my decision I opened my eyes. Akshay, who was sitting next to me, looked back at me. He was tired by the night’s misadventures. He pressed my hand against his and winked his eyes reassuringly.

Kalsh: Akshay I must tell you. Probably you are the only man I can trust my sister with. (These were my last words before they asked me to go back to sleep.)

He must have been very happy. That day in the forest we laid together the foundation of a very special bond. The bear was as much responsible for my decision as Akshay’s courage. However, not to my surprise though, Akshay never used my indebted life as an excuse to date my sister. His was a much purer form of love. He is still dating my sister. The couple is happy and soon they will tie the holy knot.

What is the “7 ways through Sunday” Project?

Hi Friends,

Starting October 2013, we are going to bring, for our readers, personal accounts from the exotic locales of India. Life as seen by; as heard by; and as Told by Real People with Real Emotions. Add to that a heap of Indian Spices and you are ready for a Literary Feast. So check this page every Sunday to find out How We Indians made it through the Week.

Photograph by Arpan ganuli
Photograph by Arpan Ganguli

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