Book1: Page 5, Para 1

A man is only as good as his word. It was my decision to bet. I knew the repercussions. I was overconfident. I missed. I lost the bet. That was the whole point of this conversation. I took the bag and went to sleep. The entire room was intrigued by the mystery of its contents. And inevitably all my room mates were disappointed the following morning.
A fifteen year old boy who is suppose to be all burly and uncouth. Who is trained by his seniors as their prodigy. Who is considered the definite superlative among his peers. Who is voted by his juniors as their leader. What could he be scared of?
Next morning I emptied the bag. Its contents lay on my bed. I took the volunteer application form in one hand and school principal’s reference letter in the other. Next fifteen minutes I took a journey which on any other day would have been thrilling, but today I had to make an effort to lift my feet. I was going to Welhams Girls School. As I made my way through the gate, I could hear groups of girls on either side of the path leading to the auditorium giggling. The volunteer form got me through the doors of the institution, the principal’s letter would obviously get me selected, but I knew it was sheer courage that would make it possible for me to survive the torture that awaited me.

Book 1: Page 4, Para 2

The Robot: Why are you smiling Kalsh?
I: Well winners usually are happy after their triumph (Ha….).
The Robot: Winners of course. But you aren’t a winner. You lost the bet.

I stood up from my cozy bed staring at this mirror of a person.
Kalsh: What do you mean? I won fair and square. I scored the winning.
The Robot: Yes you did. (with a vicious smile on his face) But let me be clear, our bet was that you will make the penalty and you didn’t. So I Aakrisht Pandey have won the bet.

There and then it occurred to me that the words in a wager are of utmost importance. He had not played with the words, but the words themselves played with me. As I sunk into the stiff bed of the dorm I realized that I had to do what no boy in the whole of Dehradoon would agree to. In that bag the Robot brought with him not my new jersey but something I would never ever dream of wearing in my life.

The Terminator: So what now? Are you scared?

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