BOOK1: Page 11, Para 1

I won’t waste time in writing pages about those beautiful girls, their fancy dresses and gaudy make up. Instead I will treat the reader to my brain and what I felt in my heart at that very moment. One of those girls had to be my future date for the annual ball in senior year. I made a conscious effort to know each one of them on a personal level. So that when the fateful night would arrive my decision would be based more appropriately on a lot more than just corporeal lure. All that would require a considerable amount of time in their company and hence the first thing on my list was getting selected by hook or by crook. The following lunch hour was spent on me. All those divine, affable, benign girls assisted me, advised me, encouraged me, and of course checked me out. So here I was ready to take on the role of the male lead (there was only one male character).


And your point is...

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